Post-Quail Ridge Reading

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Had a great time Wednesday night at Quail Ridge Books: packed house, great questions from appreciative audience, crew taping for C-SPAN2 BookTV (will let you know when it's running as soon as I do). Either my presentation was so good that the store sold out of books or the store should have ordered more books.

Either way it was a treat. Thanks to friends who came out, and thanks to new readers who came out too. And thanks also to WUNC's "The State of Things," which probably explains why so many people came, though my friend Eric putting up a Facebook page about the reading certainly helped too. Thanks, Eric.

More infrastructure news tomorrow; now it's sleep infrastructure for your correspondent.

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Wires, pipes, roads, and water support the lives we lead, but the average person doesn't know where they go or even how they work. Our systems of infrastructure are not only shrouded in mystery, many are woefully out of date. In On the Grid, Scott Huler takes the time to understand the systems that sustain our way of life, starting from his own quarter of an acre in North Carolina and traveling as far as Ancient Rome.

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