Beginning with a race on one Sunday and concluding with the race on the following Sunday, A Little Bit Sideways follows a typical NASCAR team throughout the week to uncover its inner workings, from the minute changes that affect the cars performance to the teams interaction in putting together a winning (or losing) effort.

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Motorbooks (March 8, 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0760304556

Praise for A Little Bit Sideways

"One writer may finally have captured the essence of stock-car racing, demystifying the grown-up groupie mentality that the roaring sport inspires."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Most of the books currently being written about NASCAR are of the coffee-table variety, and most glorify the sport. Fine. There is a place for that. There also is a place for unfettered observation and independent analysis of a sport that is growing so fast that few have the time to understand why. A Raleigh writer named Scott Huler has broken new ground with A Little Bit Sideways. . . . Huler wrestles with the sport's uniqueness better than most. . . . Huler also has a welcome attention to detail."
— Monte Dutton, Gaston Gazette

"A wonderful book, accurate and insightful, . . . beautifully crafted. . . . The book truly is terrific."
—The Huntsville Times

"It may be the best presentation of racing I've come across."
— Bob Latford, The Inside Line

"A fast-paced, 48-hours documentary-style look at the real world of racing. . . . Huler brings the business as well as the heart and soul of the NASCAR race team to life in fascinating detail and refreshing accuracy."
— Claire B. Lang, NASCAR Winston Cup Illustrated

"A great job of capturing the entire aspect of what NASCAR is like - from the fans, drivers, pit crews, the whole gamut."
— Bob Jenkins, ESPN

"[Huler's] eye for detail - of the mechanical and of the human element - is moving and delightful."
— Gerald Martin, Racer Magazine

"Huler is a master at painting a picture with words."

A Little Bit Sideways

Listen to a commentary about the attempted gentrification of NASCAR.


Wires, pipes, roads, and water support the lives we lead, but the average person doesn't know where they go or even how they work. Our systems of infrastructure are not only shrouded in mystery, many are woefully out of date. In On the Grid, Scott Huler takes the time to understand the systems that sustain our way of life, starting from his own quarter of an acre in North Carolina and traveling as far as Ancient Rome.

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